Milton Keynes NPQ Partners is a unique collaboration of experienced leaders from across the education system in Milton Keynes. These partners include maintained schools and academies, faith and community schools, Milton Keynes College, primary, secondary and special schools reflecting the diversity of education settings across Milton Keynes.

What is distinctive about our NPQ programmes?

  • They are led, developed and delivered by trusted local partners working in partnership with UCL Institute of Education, a national and global leader in education, teacher and leadership development.
  • They are designed to fit in with the day-to-day realities of supporting teacher development and are structured to help teachers to integrate theory, practice and feedback, minimising time out of the classroom.
  • They will be facilitated by experienced leaders from trusted local partners – all of them currently working in local schools and colleges. This means that our programmes will draw on local leadership expertise and be responsive to local needs and contexts.

Why are we working with UCL Institute of Education?

  • UCL is the top university for education in the world with a national and global reputation for the quality of its research, teacher and leadership development programmes. This means that the NPQ programmes in Milton Keynes will be informed by cutting edge research and evidence about how teachers and education leaders learn and grow over time.
  • The UCL NPQ programmes were designed and developed with schools. They have been informed by expertise in teacher and leadership development across all phases of education.
  • The UCL NPQ programmes were rated as being ‘exceptional’ for both the quality of the programmes and for support of participants in an independent, external review for the DfE.