National Professional Qualification for Executive Leadership

Executive Leadership (NPQEL): for school leaders who are, or are aspiring to be, an executive headteacher or a school trust CEO role with responsibility for leading several schools. The work of Executive Leaders is overwhelmingly strategic and relies on working with and through their colleagues to ensure every pupil gets an excellent education.

What will I learn?

• How to work with those responsible for governance to establish and sustain the trust’s strategic direction and develop an effective culture across the trust.

• How to ensure that teaching across the trust is effective, transforming pupils’ knowledge understanding and stimulates their thinking.

• How to support colleagues across the trust to design carefully sequenced, broad and coherent curricula; and ensure that assessment processes are of high-quality and as reliable as possible without creating unnecessary workload.

• How to ensure that trust schools establish and sustain the enabling conditions for good behaviour and ensure that pupils with complex behavioural needs are supported.

• How to ensure that all trust schools have appropriate support to meet pupils’ individual needs without creating unnecessary workload.

• How to ensure that all trust schools support colleagues to engage in effective professional development.

• How to create and oversee appropriate systems for safeguarding pupils and colleagues, resource management and risk management across the trust.

• How to create and oversee systems for recruiting, developing, supporting and appropriately managing all colleagues across the trust.

• Effective implementation and change management.

• How to ensure schools across the trust work in partnership with parents, the community and with other schools.

Summary of the Programme and NPQ Learning Hours

Programme Component

Total Learning Time

1 Initial learning audit

1 hour

1 Online induction conference

Half a day

3 Online self-directed study modules

30 hours

2 Residentials

4 days

4 Peer learning group sessions

8 hours

6 Coaching sessions

6 hours

Total Hours